Magento 2 WordPress WPML

If you want your integrated WordPress blog to be available in multiple langauges in an SEO friendly way then you need this add-on module.

This adds support for the WPMLplugin in your Magento WordPress Integration.

  • Add multilingual blogging to your integrated WordPress blog in Magento.
  • Avoid setting up the WP Network to create blog posts in multiple languages
  • SEO friendly translations

WPML - Multilingual Blogging

WPML is a hugely popular plugin for WordPress that allows you to translate your blog posts and other content into multiple different languages without needing the WP Network (Multisite) features.

  • No WP Network

    The WP Network can be hard to setup and manage. WPML avoids this and keeps things simple but powerful.
  • SEO Friendly

    Hreflang tags are added automatically so that your multilingual content is available to the correct users in an SEO friendly way.


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Version Info

The latest version of WPML for Magento 2 is 3.4.2.