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This extension allows you to use the Visual Composer WordPress plugin on your Magento WordPress integrated blog! Easily add image and post sliders, graphs and charts, image galleries and much more right from the WordPress Admin!

Combine this with Root and you can use Visual Composer to create your CMS Pages and Magento homepage.

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This add-on extension requires the WordPress Visual Composer plugin also be installed.
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.
£49.99 Available for Download

This extension allows you to use all of the standard features of the Visual Composer WordPress plugin in your Magento integrated WordPress blog.

Image Sliders and Post Sliders

Visual Composer allows you to easily add multiple different kinds of Javascript sliders to your Magento WordPress integrated blog. You can add sliders that contain images from your media gallery or sliders that contain your most recent posts (or even hand picked posts!). These galleries can be setup in seconds and require no coding skills to get them working. You can do it all from the WordPress Admin.

Image Galleries and Lightboxes

Easily setup image galleries and add light box effects and zooming with the click of your mouse.

Google Maps

Add Google maps into your posts and pages for any location you need.

Google Fonts

Add Google fonts directly into your post and page content to make your content stand out.

Rows and Columns

Easily format text into different rows and columns so your posts look attractive rather than like a big block of text.

Charts and Graphs

Got some data to show? Use the charts and graphs feature of Visual Composer to display this data in a clear and attractive way. The charts and graphs use the latest Javascript techniques to display great looking graphs with animation. Your data won't be ignored after this!

Visual Composer Reviews

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  • 5
    The fishpig magento worpdress integration works as described. It's been a great extension and runs smoothly without any errors. Ben with Fishpig replies back to all of my inquiries less than 24 hours later with clear solutions and answers to all my questions. He's gone above and beyond what I would expect. The multisite extension is a great addition for those running multiple sites. ROOT has worked as described and requires little to no work after integration. Gravity forms works as described. The best addition was the use of visual composer magento integration. With the difficulty created smooth and modern pages in the CMS editor on Magento, Visual composer has worked like a charm. Would highly recommend Fishpig and all their integrations to anyone. Thanks Ben!
  • 5
    This makes our production of great content so much easier.
  • 5
    Great product, works perfectly as expected, and best support from Ben
  • 5
    Get this extension! I use it with Root and have replaced all of my Magento CMS pages with pages created in Wordpress. Mouth watering galleries and images, cool fonts and tons more.
  • 4
    Amazing amazing amazing!! I have this, Root and RevSlider and my Magento CMS is actually good now!!!

    My only complaint is the frontend editor doesn't work but fishpig told me they are working on it and will have a fix out soon
  • 5
    You are doing a great Job with this extension! This bridge you make for designers is great using Visual Compser Add-on! We can use the flexibility of Wordpress inside of the robust e-commerce magento solution, and great support above all!
  • 5
    The final piece of the puzzle that makes FishPig's WordPress integration suite the perfect tool for content management and blogging in Magento. Visual Composer adds the ability to easily add in Javascript based image galleries, post or image sliders (this has been much needed), Google Maps, nice looking text. The list could go on and on.

    What is truly great about this though is that the installation is super easy and once it's installed it just works. You can keep on working with VC as you usually do in the WordPress Admin and this all works in your WordPress blog that is integrated into Magento.

    5 stars to you FishPig for this extension! I would give 6 stars if I could!

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