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This guide will help you migrate your FishPig_WordPress integrations from version 2 to version 3. Content will be added as new issues are found.

Upgrading via Composer

To upgrade via Composer, run the following command:

  composer update fishpig/magento2-wordpress-integration:^3.0

The above command will update the free module to the latest version, but you should also include any other FishPig add-on modules that you have. Here is an example that includes the free module, the free Yoast add-on and Root:

  composer update fishpig/magento2-wordpress-integration:^3.0 \
                   fishpig/magento2-wordpress-integration-yoastseo:^3.0 \

Upgrading via FTP

To upgrade via FTP, just download the latest versions of the modules and overwrite the existing versions via FTP in the app/code/FishPig folder.

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