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Social Media Buttons in Magento WordPress Integration

From version of Magento WordPress Integration, you can add social buttons to your integrated blog directly from the extension's configuration area in the Magento Admin. This system currently only supports ShareThis but will soon be expanded to include other 3rd party social sharing systems.

To set this up, go to ShareThis and click the 'Get the Code' link. When asked to choose your platform, select 'Website' and do not select WordPress. Go through the remaining options, selecting the buttons that you want to display until finally, ShareThis gives you the code required to add the buttons to your Magento WordPress integrated blog.

Login to your Magento Admin and go to the Magento WordPress Integration configuration area and scroll to the bottom. In this section you can add the code provided by ShareThis and the extension will then insert it into the correct sections of your site.

The Buttons Don't Show Up!

If the buttons don't show up, this may be because you have customised your meta.phtml file that comes with the extension. Open this file in your custom theme and add the following code:

<?php echo Mage::helper('wordpress/social')->getButtons($post) ?>

You can add this code in any of the templates as long as the $post variable is declared correctly. This would work fine in wordpress/post/view.phtml or wordpress/post/list/renderer/default.phtml/

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