Magento WordPress Related Products

Relate your WordPress content with your Magento products for the ultimate cross linking experience. This will display related products on blog pages and related articles on your product pages.

Easily relate products directly from the WordPress Admin.


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Magento WordPress Related Products

Cross link your Magento products with your WordPress content directly from the WordPress Admin so that your customers can go straight from your blog posts to your product pages. This can increase sales and convert blog users to paying customers.

  • Easy To Use

    Use the simple search system to create product post relations in the WordPress Admin while editing a post.
  • Automatic Display

    Product and post relations display automatically on the frontend of your site.


There are 3 customer reviews for Related Products.

  • Brilliant extension for Magento and Wordpress and a friendly and professional technical support service. Superb!Daniel

  • 5 stars from me and my team for this extension. I prefer the new method for linking posts using the auto complete search system. Well done Fishpig!Charlie Cars

  • What a nice plugin from a great developer. Ben installed this for me and got it working right away. I link blog posts and products directly and this all just works and the linsk display on the front end.

    A nice plugin that really adds value to my blog.Adulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this available for Magento 1?

    A similar but simpler feature is available for Magento 1 and is included in the core FishPig_WordPress module. For Magento 2, this module offers a more advanced related products system and will continue to be improved.

  • How do I relate relate products with blog posts?

    This is easy with this module. When editing a post in the WordPress Admin, scroll to the bottom and find the Related Products section. Use the search system to search for your products and select them. When you're done selecting products, save the post. These associations should show up automatically on your blog post page and product pages.

  • It's not working!

    Make sure you FishPig_WordPress version or above installed. You can download the latest version from FishPig_WordPress.

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