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Post Types & Taxonomies

This extension allows you to use custom post types and custom taxonomies in your integrated WordPress blog in Magento.

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Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.
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Use WordPress Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies in Magento

WordPress allows you to create multiple different post types, each with different capabilities and layouts. This extension allows this functionality to work in your Magento integrated WordPress blog. Once installed and configured, you can specify different templates for each of your post types, allowing you to create different layouts for different types of blog posts. The extension also creates a specific page to list all posts of each post type you create.

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  • 5
    awesome extensions from FishPig with fantastic support and help. Would definitely recomment.
  • 5
    This is an good module that we use in addition to the base Fishpig WP Integration Extension to make 'section heading' posts. We wanted a separate type of post to serve as a 'section masthead' and include a custom size thumbnails, a couple of extra text fields and extra links. The Post Types & Taxonomies extension allowed us to implement this feature easily.

    Additionally I would like to add that this extension as well as the core Fishpig extension is extremely well supported and frequently updated. Our support questions were promptly and effectively answered. In short I'm very happy with the quality of the extensions and support that Fishpig offers and would definitely recommend.
  • 5
    This Add-on is invaluable if you want to take advantage of Wordpress's custom post types. We're using this Add-on to power custom post types for pages like "Team", "Gallery", and "Press release".
  • 5
    Brilliant module, it works out of the box and requires minimal investigation.
    I particularly like that it adds layout handles to post type list and views - very handy when you're doing some heavy customisation.
  • 5
    This extension worked as expected and without any issues. I emailed Fishpig for some direction regarding the layout templates and not only did they reply promptly, they also added information to the installation instructions. First class service, thanks guys,
  • 5
    The custom post types extension really opened things up for me on Wordpress and Magento as I am using Options Tree and Meta Box (the Rilwis Deluxe Blog Tips one) in Wordpress for custom post types and I'm pulling that across for use in custom templates in Magento. So using Wordpress as the CMS for it really.

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