Permalink Manager

Magento WordPress Permalink Manager

Fully custom blog permalinks. Add slashes, dots and custom suffixes!

This module adds support for the Permalink Manager Lite (and Pro) WordPress plugins. This allows you to fully customise each post/page permalink/URL on a per post basis.

  • Add slashes and dots into post URLs
  • Add custom suffixes (eg. .html) to specific post URLs
  • Do everything from the WP Admin without having to touch any code

Permalink Manager

The free Permalink Manager Lite plugin for WordPress is a great plugin that provides you with complete control over your WordPress URLs on a per item basis. This means you can change some URLs, while leaving others intact and you can do all of this right from the WordPress Admin.

  • Use Slashes in URLs

    WordPress won't allow slashes (eg. /) in your post URLs and will convert to dashes. This plugin fixes that so you can add slashes, dots and any other character you need.
  • Custom URL Suffixes

    WordPress only allows for 1 suffix (eg. .html) for all URLs. Using this module you can have different suffixes for everything.


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Version Info

The latest version of Permalink Manager for Magento 2 is 3.2.1.