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To add a new blog to your WordPress Network, login to the WordPress Admin and select My Sites > Network Admin > Sites and then click the Add New button.

The first field is the Site Address (URL) field however WordPress will only let you enter the end part of it. For now, enter any character string that is unique to the blog as we e will change this shortly to be the correct URL. For the site title, site language and Admin email, enter the appropriate values and then click Add Site. When the page reloads, select the Edit Site link.

Site Address (URL)

On this page we can now edit the full Site Address (URL) field. The correct value for this field depends on how your Magento multistore URLs are setup in Magento. Some multi-stores have a different URL for each store and some have the same URL for each store and use a query string parameter to change the current store.

Multi-store's Using Different URLs for each Store

If each store in your Magento website has it's own URL, enter that URL followed by /wp in the Site Address (URL) field. For example, if your second store's URL is, your Site Address (URL) field should be

Next consider where the URL points to on your webserver. If the URL points to it's own directory and each Magento directory (app, skin etc) is symlinked, yo will also need to symlink the wp folder.

Multi-Store's Using the Same URL for each Store

If each store in Magento uses the same URL, your Site Address (URL) field does not need to be changed and should be your Magento base URL followed by a unique character string.

What ever unique string you choose, you should create a symlink in the wp directory that points back to wp directory. For example, if you chose 'storea' you would create a symlink at wp/storea that points to wp.

Linking to a Magento Store

To associate your new blog with a Magento store, login to the Magento Admin and go to the WordPress configuration section in the System configuration. You will then need to change the configuration scope using the store selector in the top left of the screen. Ensure that you change to the Store View level and make the change there.

Once you are on the correct scope, find the Multisite section and select the correct blog from the dropdown.

If there are any errors, these will be displayed at the top of the configuration page. Work through each error until a success message is displayed. This will provide the frontend URL for your new blog.