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Multisite Integration

Create and manage multiple blogs from a single WordPress Admin and integrate each one into a different Magento store.

  • Create a different blog for each language, which is perfect for multi-language sites.
  • Great for SEO as each blog can have it's own URL (no more duplicate content).
  • Integrate with any store on your Magento site, even if it has a different domain.
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Need help installing? Check out the WordPress Multisite Installation Service.
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.
£49.99 Available for Download

If you have a multi-store Magento website, it is vital that each store has it's own blog. This will stop you getting penalised for duplicate content, which can really hurt your SEO. By activating the network features of your WordPress installation, you can create as many blogs as you need from within the single installation. This makes managing each blog much easier as you can apply updates, plugins and other actions to blogs all at the same time. It will also make your database smaller and require less files on your server.

Multiple Languages

If you have multiple languages on your Magento site, this extension will allow you have to a blog each of your languages. This is great for SEO and very easy to setup and manage.

Multisite Integration Reviews

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  • 5
    The support is so amazing and personal. Communication is important when it comes to plugin support. Love it.
  • 5
    The fishpig magento worpdress integration works as described. It's been a great extension and runs smoothly without any errors. Ben with Fishpig replies back to all of my inquiries less than 24 hours later with clear solutions and answers to all my questions. He's gone above and beyond what I would expect. The multisite extension is a great addition for those running multiple sites. ROOT has worked as described and requires little to no work after integration. Gravity forms works as described. The best addition was the use of visual composer magento integration. With the difficulty created smooth and modern pages in the CMS editor on Magento, Visual composer has worked like a charm. Would highly recommend Fishpig and all their integrations to anyone. Thanks Ben!
  • 5
    This is extension is great for using one word press site for all of our websites. The support was great. Ben helped me out installing it
  • 5
    Great extension, it's easy in use, even for amateurs like me. It works perfect with CDNsun and it's important thing for my website.
  • 4
    We ended up buying the multi site add on, but it wasn't exactly what we were looking for. It is built for a 'network' install of WP. The FISHPIG Team did gladly give us a refund though and helped us with the multiple WP install setup config. We are still using FISHPIG WP integration it is awesome =)
  • 5
    Ben offers a great service and great tutorials for installing the extensions. His extensions are running without any problem and he helps with everything really fast and stays friendly all the time.

    For me he makes the best job in the business!

    I will buy more from him!

    Thank you!
  • 5
    Good extension, but here is the caveat: This is an add on to the standard WordPress extension (which is free). You must install it first, and then install the Multi-Site add-on. This is mentioned in the in the installation instructions, but it is worded in such a way that it is not completely clear. If you don't install the standard plugin first, this will crash your site and the admin.
  • 5
    Great extension and very easy to install with the instructions provided.
  • 5
    Connect two worlds together. Wordpress Site Network and Magento Multistores. Works great!
  • 5
    Got the integration of wordpress working in no time, then the complication came with my marketing team asking a blog in each language. Well, the multisite extension does just that.

    One thing to mention, as with every piece of software, bugs can exist, I had a case of broken code when I firstly bought the extension, but a simple mail through the support and Ben fixed the issue, the very next day the website was ready to roll out.

    Thanks Ben
  • 5
    Had a little trouble setting up the WordPress network install , but thanks to Ben we had it working in day.
    works great for a magento multistore.
  • 5
    This solves many problems that my company has when working in Magento. Since most of our employees have an extensive background in Wordpress, this plugin was a no brainer for us. Ben has been nothing but helpful and quick in answering all my dumb questions.
  • 5
    Great extension and excellent support. I had some trouble getting this running but Ben was very helpful and solved my issue in no time. Thank you Ben!
  • 5
    Had to work with the code of this extension in order to integrate functionality with other third-party extensions. Sometimes, this kind of thing can be very difficult but in the case of this FishPig extension, the clarity and quality of the codebase made it extremely easy to work with. Everything is implemented in the "Magento" way without employing any hacky workarounds that I would have probably used had I written this extension myself. As a developer, I really appreciate seeing quality work in a paid extension and FishPig does not disappoint.
  • 5
    Works great. Does what it says. Also, superb support (even when you have dumb questions).
  • 5
    Great Service and Extension, if you have a multistore i can only recommend this. I bought this and the installation service and good great service and every support I needed to get it all running the way i wanted.
    Thumbs up for this Extension
  • 5
    It was a little bit of a rough start, as I am new to Magento, and I did not do a good job of explaining the difficulties I was having when I emailed support. I don't blame anything on lack of instruction, I just have a lot to learn. But the tech support was awesome. ben was patient, and stuck with me, and we got everything working as it should be. I am very pleased, and have since bought a few more extensions.

    I am a happy customer and I recommend any Fishpig extension to anyone.
  • 5
    No cons, only pros – don't hesitate!
    It even worked with the Multisite on a completely different server. As long as the DB allows connections from the host Magento is running on.

  • 5
    Awesome Extension and Great Support! Thank you so much Ben!
  • 5
    Excellent extension! I recommend it
  • 5
    This addition to the Wordpress integration has been an indispensable tool for my website. I run 4 separate blogs on my website and this has made the integration seamless and extremely easy to use. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs an easy way to run multiple blogs in combo with a Magento shop
  • 5
    Wordpress Multisite is the perfect tool for Magento. I had a difficult time to set it up due to lack of personal experience with Wordpress and symlinks. It was a multidomain installation. Ben truly got it working on its own, delivering the best after sales service of any Magento developer I have worked with.
    I would recommend the work of Ben to anyone. Thanks Ben!
  • 5
    Very nice job done! It is working nice on my blog Devalise and great support too.
  • 5
    Hello I am running a multilingual store (community version) I did set up the first WordPress integration as a single store myself and following Bens excellent tutorial I had no Problems doing so.
    I did however had problems with the Multistore extension doing it myself, since I am relatively new to Magento as well as WordPress that came as no surprise.
    I opted for the installation service and Ben did a excellent job, not only did he install the integration but also put a working blog for each of the languages I am using in the store as well as fixing all .htaccess and RSS related Problems (which I caused myself)
    Being a professional (System Administrator) since the beginnings of computers (Yup I am a Dinosaur) myself and am used to support I can only say that he surely belongs to the pleasant experiences I had.
    Be well!!
  • 5
    Very well done. It was for me a little bit difficult to install. (I was beginner with Wordpress but not Magento) But I got very fast and efficient support from Ben!

    Also is free "Magento Wordspress Integration" is very very well done I'am just surprise that is a free module ;-).

    Thank you Ben for this very nice work!

  • 5
    Thanks a lot to Ben. Ben made it easy for me, by doing more than expected. Communication between me, the group of developers, the seo firm (who requested the Wordpress blog and recommended to use Fishpig) and extension makers is not always easy (who does what) while setting up this website, but this went very smooth thanks to Ben!
  • 5
    I had some installation issues and Ben fixed them quickly. Very good service, especially considering the price of the plugin.
  • 5
    Easy to install and works great on Magento I use this to get a blog in English, Spanish and Portuguese and it makes my life and SEO much simpler.
  • 5
    Not even needed to call for help. This extension is extremely easy to use and it works great just out of the box.

    Love you Fishpig!
  • 5
    Excellent extension and excellent support! It works perfect on! We extremely appreciate the great support received by Ben.

    I recommend this extension for everyone who needs the multisite/multisotre functionality.
  • 5
    works well on and!
  • 5
    Finally we have full WPMU support in Magento. Ben @ Fishpig installed this for me yesterday and it makes everything so easy. Before I had a few WP installs each linked to a store but it was messy and the auto-login feature only logged in to the default store. Using this extension, I have a single WP install managing multiple WP blogs that each neatly link to a Magento store.

    I couldn't recommend this extension enough.
  • 5
    We purchased the WordPress Multisite integration plugin . We ordered the installation for this plugin + the word press integration as well.
    In the process we needed to sort out a number of issues in order to get it all right.
    I can only say that we had a very positive experience with regard to all aspects.
    Timely customer service, great product, and professional installation. All in all a very good experience at a very reasonable cost.
  • 5
    wp mu module is working nice for me! great support!
    check my magento-wp blogs here:
  • 5
    I've been using the Beta version of this module and it works really well. Fishpig promises a lot more features will be added in the future so that's cool.

    Easy to install and assign blogs to different stores.

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