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If you already have a WordPress blog integrated into your Magento 1 site and are in the process of moving to Magento 2, it is very easy to migrate this blog and integrate it into Magento 2 without losing any data.

Although this process is easy, if you want FishPig to handle this for you, from start to finish, please get in touch!. We can quickly and efficiently migrate all of your WordPress data to Magento 2 and handle any issues or conflicts that arise.

Migrate the WordPress Files

The first thing to do is to migrate the WordPress installation folder. If you have followed the installation guide, this will be a folder named 'wp' in your Magento directory but it may be named something else. Download this folder and re-upload it to your Magento 2 website, either in the root or in the pub directory (depending on which directory you are using as your public root).

Migrate the WordPress Database

Next you will need to migrate the WordPress database. Take a backup of the database using phpMyAdmin, mysqldump via the terminal or via any method that you like. Once you have the backup, install this on your Magento 2 server. Modify the database connection details in wp-config.php to point to this database.

It is highly likely that the Magento 2 website has a different URL to your Magento 1 website as it is probably in development. If this is the case you will need to modify the WordPress URLs in the wp_options table to reflect the new Magento 2 URL. You can do this via the code or using phpMyAdmin (or any database GUI).

Once the URLs are correctly set, you should be able to login to the WordPress Admin and check that it is working (the frontend won't work).

Installing Magento WordPress Integration

To connect the WordPress installation to Magento 2 we need to install the Magento WordPress Integration module and configure it to use the WordPress installation we have just created. To do this just follow the Installation guide for the module.

Finishing It All Off

That's it, everything should now be migrated and working on your Magento 2 installation.

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