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Fancier Author Box

Adds support for the WordPress Fancier Author Box plugin and allows you to display the fancy author box on your Magento WordPress Integrated blog posts.

The fancy author box includes relevant social links for the post author, a small description, an image and their most recent posts. This can increase customer engagement and make your blog look more visually appealing.

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    I like the plugin very much, but, I do wish this worked with other author plugins. Fancier Author Box leaves a bit to be desired, and upgrading to Fanciest Author Box would remedy the problem (for $10), but this extension does not work with the paid for "Fanciest" version.

    For instance, contributors have to have a gravatar image, so uploading their own is not an option.

    But the extension is great, and I am using it, and I am still glad I bought it.

To install Fancier Author Box, first install the Fancier Author Box plugin in your WordPress Admin. Next, disable your Magento cache - and compiler if it is enabled - and upgrade Magento WordPress Integration to the latest version. If you do not do this, Fancier Author Box may not work correctly.

Upload the .tgz file you downloaded from us in your Magento Downloader. To install the extension manually, extract the files from the .tgz file, delete package.xml and upload the remaining files to your Magento website.

Finally, refresh your Magento cache and the extension will be activated.

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