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Tired of the boring standard WordPress comment system? Want more customer engagement on your blog? Look no further than Disqus comments.

Disqus is a modern comments system that is everywhere. Customers know it and trust it and more likely to comment when they see Disqus as it uses Social logins.


Better Blog Comments

This Magento extension provides support for the Disqus WordPress plugin. Use Disqus to add a modern commenting system to your Magento WordPress Integrated blog.

  • Social Logins

    Disqus allows customers to post using their social (Facebook, Twitter etc) logins. This means they are probably already logged in and can post much easier.
  • Less Spam

    Disqus uses great anti spam techniques to stop spam comments littering your blog pages
  • SEO Benefits

    Even though Disqus is JS based, all Disqus comments are imported to WordPress and are displayed in the HTML, meaning they help with your SEO.
  • Single Sign-On

    Combine Disqus with Customer Synchronisation and use the Disqus Single Sign-On feature


There are 4 customer reviews for Disqus Comments.

  • Like many Wordpress sites, we use Disqus to manage our comments. With this extension, we were able to continue using Disqus after integrating Wordpress and Magento. Installation was easy and it has worked flawlessly for us.Andrew

  • Great extension. Worked right from install, even on a heavily modified Magento store. No issues at all and great support while emailing questions before purchase! Highly recommend.Jonathan

  • Works really great - super easy to install, and as mentioned it is the best practise comments system for any blog these days. A must have, if you want to build a community around your blog.Nikolai

  • Disqus comments is the only way to have comments on a blog. Social logins and social share buttons built right in. It makes commenting easy for customers and has anti-spam filters. Comments are also written in the html source which is a bonus for seoJLT

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