Magento WordPress Single Sign-On

Improve the usability of your eCommerce store by providing a single sign-on for your Magento and WordPress integrated blog. Synchronise your WordPress users and Magento customers transparently with this Magento extension.

WordPress Customer Synchronisation works with WordPress Integration to provide truly seamless Magento and WordPress Integration.


Magento WordPress Single Sign-On

This module provides 2 way customer/user data synchronisation between Magento and WordPress. If a customer has an account in WordPress, they can login to Magento using the WordPress account details and a new customer account in Magento will be created using the WordPress account details.

If the customer has a Magento account, logging in to Magento will create a new WordPress account and the customer will be logged in to Magento and WordPress.

All synchronisation occurs in response to customer actions so only used customer/user records are synchronised.

  • Two-Way Synchronisation

    Synchronise from Magento to WordPress and WordPress to Magento.
  • Logged-In Comments

    With Customer Syncronisation, you can use the 'Must be logged in to comment' feature of WordPress and stop spam comments.


There are 12 customer reviews for Single Sign-On.

  • FANTASTIC - Everything is is amazing! and so is the supportErik Smith

  • At first the plugin was not working for me. But after I contacted customer support, Ben was super helpful getting the extension to do what I wanted it to do and what it's supposed to do.

    Amazing customer service! Thanks Ben!Maximilian

  • Works perfectly!Albert

  • Works great! What more can I say, Thank Fishpig.Shawn J

  • Worked flawlessly on first install. A perfect companion for the great Wordpress Integration module.Jordi Buj

  • Works like a dream. We installed it ourselves, problem free. Had a different hitch with wordpress so uninstalled, this extension first, then the wordpress integration extension (order is important), fixed our problem and re installed all. Again problem free.Linda

  • Works perfectly. I recommend the Customer Synchronization to all wordpress/magento users.

    Thanks for the amazing support that followed the extension purchase.
    You guys are awesome.Marsel

  • I think the extension is really good but I would like it if it worked in semi-integration mode as well as full integrationTel Forbes

  • This extension has doubled the amount of legitimate comments I get, which is great. I think this is because customers can now manage their comments via their Magento customer account and can track replies.

    Great job again FishPig. Please sign me up for your mailing list!John JLT

  • I had FishPig install this mod for me with some other stuff and it works flawlessly. Support helped me through any issue I ran into... even it if was my own fault.Dan Adams

  • Works no problem. Thanks FishPig.Five5

  • I am using the SplashPage and Wordpress plugin. I am amazed what you can do with those two apps - convert you Magento to compete CMS driven shop.

    Finally I have considered to make a donation but instead I bought this sync app.

    And I am again surprised. I did not expected to have additional blocks in customer area which there is. I expected only to have customer sync but with this Magento is definitive now fully CMS and social driven shop... Wow!elvar

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