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To make moving between Magento and WordPress easier, Magento WordPress Integration contains a WordPress Admin auto-login feature that allows you to click a single button in the Magento Admin and be automatically logged in and redirected to the WordPress Admin. For this to work you first need to enter your WordPress Admin username and password. You can enter these details by going to System > Configuration > WordPress > Auto-Login.


If you are having problems using the auto-login feature, go through the list of solutions below to see whether the system can be fixed.

Login to the WordPress Admin via a Browser

For the extension to be able to login to the WordPress Admin, the WordPress Admin needs to be correctly setup and working. To test this, load up your WordPress Admin in a browser and login. If you can login, the extension should also be able to login.

Disable HTTP Authentication

If you're on a development site and using HTTP authentication to keep the site private, the auto-login system will not work. To test whether this is your problem, disable HTTP authentication temporarily and try logging in again.

Invalid DNS

If your DNS isn't setup correctly, the auto login will fail. This can happen on dev sites where you use your HOSTS file to setup the DNS. If this is the case, either move the site to a proper dev URL and setup the DNS properly (eg. dev. sub-domain) or wait until you go live and test again.


If you use Cloudflare, the auto-login system may not work. There is currently no way around this at this time.

Disable WordPress Plugins

Some WordPress plugins can stop the auto-login system from working. Common culprits of this are WordPress security plugins and plugins that limit the number of login attempts make. To test this, disable your WordPress plugins until you figure out which plugin is causing the issue. If the plugin isn't vital, considering disabling the plugin so that you can use the auto-login system. If the plugin is vital, you will have to login to the WordPress Admin manually.

Upgrade Magento WordPress Integration

If you are using an old version of the extension, upgrading to the latest version may resolve your problem.

If you do this, you must also upgrade any FishPig Magento WordPress add-on extensions that you have installed.

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