WordPress Integration Add-Ons

If you have integrated Magento and WordPress with our free extension, you can find some great add-on extensions below to add support for popular WordPress plugins and features.

All of these Magento WordPress Integration Add-on extensions come with free upgrades and email support 7 days a week.

Magento WordPress Integration Extensions

The extensions listed above will allow you to easily integrate a WordPress blog into your Magento store. A blog is a great addition to any eCommerce store as it allows you to write keyword rich articles - for SEO - that contain useful content for your customers. This content can help explain how your product(s) work or just help improve your sales.

These extensions have all been hand written by FishPig and adhere to all Magento standards. This means that when you purchase one of these extensions, you know it will work as expected. If you do have any problems, we're always here to help.