Bulk Price Changer

"This extension really can change over 1000 product prices in seconds. I use it to apply and remove daily sales to my whole catalogue."

Magento 2 Bulk Price Changer

The Bulk Price Changer module is not available for Magento 2 anymore. Instead, we recommend using our new Data Flow module for Magento 2. This new module can bulk update prices in seconds, but it can do so much more!

Here's just a few things it can do:

  • Update 1000's of prices in seconds.
  • Update product stock levels
  • Import new or edit any product data
  • Export product data

Flow is the only Magento 2 extension you need for CSV data import and export.

Update Magento Prices in Bulk

There are 3 features that make the Price Changer extension is the most efficient way to change prices in Magento. Firstly, you can determine which products price you want to change by filtering your whole set of products using your existing product attributes. When you first enter the Price Changer section of your Magento Admin, you will see a grid contain all of your products next to a list of all of your product attributes (including the custom product attributes you've created in the Magento Admin). Each time you click an attribute it is added as a column to the grid and is filterable. You can use as many attributes as you need to filter your products until you the specific set of products you need to change.

Secondly, once you have your product set, rather than manually enter a price for each product, you can apply dynamic transformations to the whole set. To carry out a transformation, the Price Changer extension asks for a base attribute, a target attribute, a transformation type (fixed amount, percentage) and a rounding option. Both the base attribute and target attribute can be selected from a list of all of your decimal type product attributes (including custom attributes). The base attribute is used to get the base value in the transformation and the target attribute is where the transformation that has been applied on the base attribute is set. As an example, let us say that you want to set a special_price for your set of products with a 10% discount of the standard price. To do this you would set the 'price' attribute as your base attribute and 'special_price' as your target attribute. You would then set the transformation type to percentage and the percentage value to 90%. When you carry out this transformation, for each product in your set the extension would take the price stored in the base attribute (in this case the 'price' attribute), calculate 90% of this value and save this in the target attribute (in this case, 'special_price'). This would have the effect of putting all of the products on sale with a 10% discount.

To make this even cooler, you could set rounding options for the final price. Using the above example, you could set a rounding option of 'Round to nearest 0.99', which would then round the final value to the nearest 0.99. You can enter any number in this rounding field.

The third and final feature that makes the Magento Price Changer the most efficient way to bulk change prices in Magento is it's pricing import system. This system has been heavily optimised based on our knowledge of the Magento EAV database system so that we can import several hundred prices in just a few seconds!


See screenshots of the extension below. If there are any other screenshots you wish to see, please get in touch.

  • Filter your products by any attribute combination

    Filter your products by any attribute combination

  • Set the price transformation you want perform

    Set the price transformation you want perform


There are 15 customer reviews for Bulk Price Changer.

  • WOW amazing, this has saved us weeks of work. Well worth the price. We have a very slow site, due to over 400,000 products, this module managed to change 100,000 product prices in one go. The search and filter options worked brilliantly, this enabled us to update a few 1000 products leaving those we didn't want updating alone. We have tried cheaper modules none could cope with 400,000 products. So glad we came across fishpig. Highly recommended.SOS

  • Great extension, saves hours of manual updating every year, just a word of warning if you want to increase by percentage e.g 5% make sure you put 105% in the percentage box as at first it removed 95% from my prices when i just put 5%, but was easily amendedSSL UK

  • Works really good! Attention with your filters before starting changes (choose correct store before)Nabil

  • The extension worked perfectly. It does what it says it does and does it fast. Thanks for the great extension!JK

  • I run a website with over 15000 simple products on it and this has saved me hours of time when changing my prices. Really good value too.Richard

  • Works as described. Helped us to be more productive working with product prices. The extension allows a good flexibility to play with product prices. Very happy!Albert

  • We just used this to re-price 5000 items. It worked in seconds and saved us a ¬£400 quote I got to script the price change.

    Thanks again Ben,Derek - Allmoto.ie

  • Works as described, saved us hours of manual work! We highly recommend this extension to all!UK Candy

  • Works like a Charm !! Saved hours coding for bulk price change.Street Auto Parts

  • Fantastic product and great support :)Paul

  • First time I actually take the effort to write a review. This thing is great! Been looking for something like this for a long time, you should up your SEO or something to get this found. It's great!

    The rounding especially, great function :)

    Keep it up!Nevil

  • bought the extension with install service. The extension was installed the very same day.
    After testing the extension it apeard not to be working. After a quick examination by the programmer the problem was spotted and solved. The extension itself is quite easy to use. You can add percentages or fixed amounts. One product , ten products, one hundred products, no problem. Can potentionaly save hours of very dull work.Richard Blezer

  • I have been using a similar more expensive extension than this but I have 20,000 products and it takes forever to work. This extension updates 20,000 product prices in under a minute!

    I really am impressed with the rounding feature. It wasnt available in my previous price changing moduleKroger

  • Great extension that saves me hours every month. My only improvement would be to be able to filter products by category!John JLT

  • My suppliers have monthly price changes that have always been a nightmare to do (each brand changes the price by a different percent so I would have to do all them all manually!).

    Using this extension, I am able to select all products by a specific brand and increase their price by a percent and round it to the nearest .95p!

    Easily worth the money as it saves me about 10 hours a month in man hoursFW

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