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Magento Smush.it

Optimise your Magento images automatically. This will reduce the amount of data your customers have to download on each request and will make your site faster.

  • Automatically reduce the file size of your images without affecting the image quality.
  • Smush.it never deletes your original images so you can revert back if you need to.
  • New images are automatically optimised via the CRON.
  • Version 2.0 works better than version 1.0!
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Optimise Magento Images

This optimisation extension allows you to take your images and reduce the size of them without changing how the image looks. This extension will allow you to smush (optimize) your Magento product images with a click of your mouse.

Smush.it does not require any additional software to function as it makes use of the ReSmush.it API.

Automatically Optimise Magento Images

This extension uses your Magento cron to automatically optimise your Magento images so if your Magento cron is setup and working, you don't have to do anything to get the extension working.


See the extension in action below. This includes Admin examples, front end examples and live website examples.


There are 16 customer reviews for Smush.it.

  • First I used Kraken.io but their Magento extension did'nt work properly and their support was really bad. So I cancelled my monthly membership and went right away for Smush.it extension from Fishpig. It worked out of the box and it super fast as well. Each PNG product thumbs from our listings, went from 65kb to 25kb which is alot, if your optimization for mobile phones as well.Olivers.dk

  • Just want to thank you for a great extension! Works 100%, fantastic tool!Igor

  • This along with the FPC has really helped speed up my site. I don't have many products, but it still ran pretty slow prior to a couple of Ben's extensions. I was surprised with the amount of images I had on site, no way I could have gone through and manually compressed them all, so having them automatically done is perfect. Ben was great with the install and configuring for me. Highly recommend his extensions.Mike R

  • Great and very very responsive supportChris

  • In one word: perfect. We have optimized more than 17.000 images in our shop. Do not hesitate a minute in buying it.

    Our GT metrix score for images optimization went from 0 to 99. An the last one is the logo of the shop.

    I hope Ben improve the extension to select any other directory like skin, but for now, is greatGuillermo García

  • Thank you to Ben for all the help and support-excellent extension.Tony O'Rourke

  • Excellent support when I had an issue. A good compression tool.Mark

  • I now have 3 extensions from FishPig, all are GREAT. Once installed, which is very simple, you can setup a cron job to carry out this task in the background. I opted for going with the recommended 5 images at a time which I do hourly. Andy

  • Finally, an extension that simply works. Easy install. Easy to use. Helped us further reduce our page load times. Heidi

  • Great extension, works well. I'd like the ability to choose more folders in the Media folder as it wont pick up banners etc.. but that's just being pickyTim

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin - it is a good compression tool for all product images on Magento

    Simple to use UI helps to make it clear what images you have and have not compressed and also tells you the compression rate is has been able to achieve on each imageMonkey_Brains

  • Extension works great for us on the category and product images. I got very good results and pictures get compressed up to 60%. I would like to have all images on Magento smushed as an extra feature in the future. I can really recommend this extension besides this :-)Sebastian Klett

  • Does what it says on the tin & then some more. I hadn't expected a nice little admin UI where I could see % reduced & also the ability to easily revert smushed images.
    Well done!Eddie

  • Extension works just as advertised. Had an issue with the download and the support I received was outstanding. We got the mix-up cleared up and everything installed perfectly. I would highly recommend this extension.Brian

  • images are optimized up to 63% for my site now and my new images that are added by auto via a script are optimized by my cron. cant wait for the update that optimizes theme images and would be good if it could optimize splash page images alsoSanjit

  • Does exactly what it is advertised as doing. I've seen image reductions from just a few percent to over 50%. I use this extension in combination with FishPig's Bolt and Opti and there have been drastic improvements to my sites speed. Dan F

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