Magento 2 SEO Layered Navigation

Automatically convert your layered navigation URLs into URLs that can be indexed by search engines with automatically generated H1 and page title tags to differentiate them.

You have complete control over all META data, H1 tags and on page descriptions so that you can add page specific data and convert these previously pointless pages into traffic driving SEO pages.

  • Automatically creates SEO URLs from your layered navigation and does not include a pointless separator like /l/
  • Page title and H1 is automatically generated based on filtered attributes but can be changed.
  • Take full control over META data, page title, H1 and on page description text.


Magento Layered Navigation

This extension converts Magento layered navigation URLs from /category/subcategory.html?brand=14 to /category/subcategory/nike.html. This is cleaner and much easier for search engines to work with. It means more of your pages will be indexed in Google and will help you start to rank better for long tail search terms.

  • SEO URLs

    Automatically convert layered navigation URLs into SEO pretty URLs. Unlike other modules, you won't see a pointless separator like /l/ which can cause 404 issues.
  • META Data

    You can customise the page title, meta description, canonical tag, H1 and on page description for every URL generated.
  • XML Sitemap

    All new URLs are added to your XML sitemap automatically so Google and other search engines will start indexing them right away.
  • Breadcrumbs

    Automatic breadcrumb generation for all of the new layered navigation pages. This allows search engines to easily navigate the new URLS and index them.

This is the best layered navigation module for Magento. It's easy to install and works automatically and you will start seeing benefits right away!


See screenshots of the extension below. If there are any other screenshots you wish to see, please get in touch.

  • A filter page with an SEO URL

    A filter page with an SEO URL


There are 3 customer reviews for SEO Layered Navigation.

  • My company has used modules and services from FishPig for years now and we are constantly impressed by the quality of work and support and this plugin is no different. The plugin was installed by Ben within 1 hour of buying it and he gave me a little demo on how to use it (its so simple and easy) and now Im working through the new pages tailoring the content for seo

    I honestly can see this adding to our seo and I plan to use it on a new store that is in developmentMarc

  • I've just added the m2 version and boom, new urls right away!! Ive imported custom data for all the pages using the import feature and now i have 329 new pages with solid content

    I'm now importing custom meta data using the import featureMagento 2

  • Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

    This extension was recommended to me by Ben@Fishpig as I was having trouble with my existing layered navigation extension. Ben told me that this extension creates much prettier URLs than other similar extensions (it doesn't need to have a /l/ in the URL or include the attribute names (eg. category-name/color=black.html. This just uses category-name/black.html) and I can confirm that this is true and the URLs are the best layered navigation URLs I have seen on any Magento site.

    Update: I've started using the template feature that allows you to setup rules to display custom page titles, meta data, entity descriptions etc based on the currently URL and OMG this is awesome. I use this to set completely different data based for each generated page based on the URL. For example the page title for one of my rules is: {{colour}} {{brand}} {{product_type}}. This is a completely generated page based on the layered navigation but to the search engines, it has different content, title, URL, canonical URL so seems like a legitimate page.Paulo

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create the layered navigation URLs?

    This happens automatically for you. Just install the module and flush the cache and all of your layered navigation URLS will be generated on the fly. As customers visit the URLs, you will see new URLs created in the Admin. You can click into these and add custom meta and on page data.

  • Will the URLs have a separator like /l/ in them?

    Other layered navigation modules do have a separator like this but this module does not. A separator like this is pointless and can hinder your SEO as it creates an extra level in the URL hierarchy that isn't required and makes your actual URLs lower down.

  • What data can I change for the newly created pages?

    You will be able to set the page/meta title, the meta description, the H1 tag (ie. the category name) and the on-page description text. The H1 tag and page/meta title will be automatically set for you until you set it yourself. This means that right away, each page is unique and indexable by Google.

  • Does the module use canonical tags?

    Yes the module will automatically set a canonical tag for you based on the new URL.