Magento SEO Layered Navigation

FishPig's SEO includes SEO layered navigation features that work with categories and Splash Pages. Create page templates to easily set title, description and other information for multiple pages in one go.

  • Automatically creates SEO URLs from your layered navigation.
  • Works for Categories and Splash Pages
  • Template system allows you to create a few templates that apply titles and descriptions to all of your layered navigation pages.

You can disable this extension for categories but still use it on your Attribute Splash Pages, which means you can continue to use your existing layered navigation extension for your categories but use this layered navigation extension for your Attribute Splash Pages.

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Magento Layered Navigation

This extension converts Magento layered navigation URLs from /category/subcategory.html?brand=14 to /category/subcategory/nike.html. This is cleaner and much easier for search engines to work with. It means more of your pages will be indexed in Google and will help you start to rank better for long tail search terms.

The extension includes a templating system that allows you to setup page templates that will be used to create dynamic page titles, descriptions and other on page values for the layered navigation pages. This means that each page will appear completely unique to the search engines. In these templates you can use dynamic variables to include filter names, attribute values and any other relevant information to really make your templates come alive.


See the extension in action below. This includes Admin examples, front end examples and live website examples.


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  • Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

    This extension was recommended to me by Ben@Fishpig as I was having trouble with my existing layered navigation extension. Ben told me that this extension creates much prettier URLs than other similar extensions (it doesn't need to have a /l/ in the URL or include the attribute names (eg. category-name/color=black.html. This just uses category-name/black.html) and I can confirm that this is true and the URLs are the best layered navigation URLs I have seen on any Magento site.

    Update: I've started using the template feature that allows you to setup rules to display custom page titles, meta data, entity descriptions etc based on the currently URL and OMG this is awesome. I use this to set completely different data based for each generated page based on the URL. For example the page title for one of my rules is: {{colour}} {{brand}} {{product_type}}. This is a completely generated page based on the layered navigation but to the search engines, it has different content, title, URL, canonical URL so seems like a legitimate page.Paulo

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