Magento 2 SEO Internal Links

Add internal links automatically using this Magento module for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Internal links help your customers navigate your content easier as well as informing search engines of your important pages. It can also increase the speed that your website and new pages are indexed by search engines.

A must have for any Magento ecommerce store serious about their SEO strategy.


Magento Internal Links

Automatic internal linking module for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

  • Automatical Linking

    Add your keywords and links and let this module do the rest. Your content will automatically linked on the fly. This means you can add new links and see them in your content right away.
  • Third Party Module Support

    Links can be added to any page, from any module. There are no limits to what can be linked. You have complete control.
  • Improved SEO

    Highlight your important pages for search engines and improve your index rate.
  • Improved Usability

    With better internal linking, your customers will be able to browse your site more efficiently and find the content they want.


There are 8 customer reviews for SEO Internal Links.

  • CrossLink is Great! It saves us a whole bunch of time and increases traffic and sales. If your integrating Wordpress, you shouldn't go without this.... Also, the best support I've ever experienced!Ashkan

  • Saves an incredibeble amount of time and our keyword ranking jumped a few places almost instantly. You need this!Heimen

  • Awesome SEO tool that helps get pages through. My store is not online yet, and I already am ranking up on search indexes. Really amazing and seamless installation. Support is also stellarMichele

  • The SEO plugin is simply amazing, it did everything automatically which otherwise would took me months!
    We also integrated the blog with the shopping cart. On the blog we have more than 300 blog posts. Going and interlinking with the website would of been a nightmare. It does everything automatically + you can even setup your own custom keywords and pages! Simply amazing!Virgil

  • A nice mod, easy to install.TT Styles

  • Crosslink has removed my reliance on my web agency and given me control of a massive part of my SEO. Using tthis extension I can easily setup my internal links and change them at a moments notice (when ever Google changes their mind about what is good and whatis bad SEO!!)

    I have WordPress Integration so really like how Crosslink uses the blog data while auto-linking the site.

    Amy Robertson

  • This module has saved me so much time that I want to buy it twice! It has given me complete control over my internal linking strategy and allows me to make changes globally in seconds rather than days.

    Now that I have this module, I cannot live without itJason Wright

  • This product is my new best friend and has already saved me a ton of time.

    Prior to CrossLinks, I used to link my products/pages/categories by hand, which took an age!

    Further more, It was a nightmare when marketing changed their mind about different links (which happens all the time).

    I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their cross linking for SEO purposes.Stuart

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