Magento Extension Licensing

From September 2015, some FishPig extensions are start to use license codes. By the end of September, all FishPig extensions (and Magento WordPress Integration add-on extensions) will be using license codes.

Licensing for FishPig Magento Extensions

Each purchase you make for a FishPig extension allows you to use the extension on a single or multi-store Magento installation. You cannot use the extension/license on another Magento installation. If you have multiple Magento installations, you would need to purchase the extension for each installation that you want to use it on.

Registering a License for a Domain

After purchasing an extension from FishPig you can register the license for your domain by selecting 'Downloads' from the top navigation menu. You will need to enter the domain of your Magento Admin, excluding any sub-domains. For example, if your Admin is available on, you would enter '' as the domain for your license.

After registering your domain/license, you will be able to download a copy of the extension with the license code built in. You do not need to manually add the license code to the extension.

Development Licenses

You should use the copy of the extension that is registered for your live domain. If your development site uses a common development sub-domain (eg. dev. or test. or staging.), the live license will work. The domain does not have to match.

Using an Invalid License

All FishPig extensions use multiple techniques to validate the license keys. This is done in a way that will not affect the front end of your website. If you use an invalid license, the extension may not work. Any use of an invalid license is automatically logged in our licensing system. If you persist in using an invalid license, you may lose access to all of the extensions you have purchased.

Help with Licenses

If you are having problems registering a license please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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