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The Cache Warmer uses our Smart Warming technology to provide real time access to cache contents to determine whether or not a URL is already cached. This allows it to make real time decisions on whether or not to warm a URL and allows it to achieve extremely fast speeds and high rates of efficiency.

Why Smart Warming?

Standard Magento 2 Cache Warmers warm all URLs provided and more often than not, most of these URLs are already warm (ie. in the cache). This wastes time and computer resources. It also that means for very large lists of URLs, you never end up warming them all (because you waste time warming URLs that are already warm).

Enabling Smart Warming

For Smart Warming to work, you need to have the FishPig Magento 2 full page cache module installed and active. This will automatically activate Smart Warming.

If you're having problems, try upgrading the FPC and Cache Warmer to the latest version and see if that solves your issue.

Efficient Warming

With Smart Warming enabled, you can run the warmer as often as you like. Any URLs already warmed will be skipped over and only URLs not currently cached will be warmed. Without Smart Warming, regularly running a cache warmer would consume valuable server resources, which should be reserved for paying customers.

Warming a Large Number of URLs

Processing a large number of URLs is easy using the Cache Warmer and Smart Warming. Simply run the Cache Warmer and leave it to run. If for any reason it stops or you manually stop it, you can re-run it and all URLs already processed will be skipped.