Magento Full Page Cache Warmer

This Magento extension requests your URLs so that they can be cached before your customer views them.

The extension will crawl your category, product and CMS page URLs and will also crawl your integrated WordPress blog URLs (requires Magento WordPress Integration). Soon the extension will also crawl your Splash Page URLs.

Adds desktop, mobile and tablet versions of pages to the cache and not just the desktop version.

This is an extremely useful extension for anyone who uses Bolt or any other full page caching extension.


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The Full Page Cache Warmer extension will crawl all of your page URLs so that they can be cached before your customers see them. This means that when your customers go to your popular pages, they will load really fast directly from the cache.

For this extension to work you must have a full page cache extension installed.

How to Run the Cache Warmer

Once installed, the extension will be automatically configured, but should you want to re-configure it, you can do so at System > Configuration > Cache Warmer.


To run the cache warmer from your browser simply add /shell/cachewarmer.php to your Magento's store URL. As an example, if your store is, the URL would be:

To specify a store code so that URLs from a specific store are warmed, add the store code as a query string parameter.

If you can't see this file, it is likely blocked in shell/.htaccess. To fix this, add the following code to shell/.htaccess.

<FilesMatch cachewarmer\.php>
  Allow from all


If you have access to SSH, running the script this way is useful because it will allow you to disable the script from being executed via a browser and limit it purely to SSH. To call the script via SSH, move to your Magento directory and type:

php -f shell/cachewarmer.php

To specify a store code, add it as an argument.

php -f shell/cachewarmer.php store store_code


There are 4 customer reviews for Full Page Cache Warmer.

  • Awesome plugin! Works like a charm with Bolt and Opti and I've been impressed about the result. Great support and great plugins!Greg

  • Along with Bolt, Opti this one works smoothly too. Great value for your money. I am glad i found Fishpig and decided to purchase this extension set. Our site was quick but this made it even quicker. Super easy installation. Highly recommended.Viktor

  • I bought the Cache Warmer mod recently and added it to my site that runs Bolt, Opti and Nobots. I have this setup to run each morning at 8am and I run it each time I flush my cache. I now get optimum speeds from my site and customers very rarely see a page that isn't cached (I have a small few pages that cannot be cached as they are heavily dynamic and provide real-time updates).

    I cannot recommend Fishpigs optimisation suite enough (Bolt, Opti, Nobots and now Cache Warmer). It has revolutionised the performance of my site making it appear to my customers that Im using a powerful server when Im really not its just these mods making everything that fast.A Happy Customer

  • Purchased this initially to work with a FPC extension that I purchased from a different provider because the providers cache warmer only warmed the cache for PC/desktop users while this product warms the cache for desktop, mobile and tablet. Great little tool that really does support 3rd party full page caching system as well as Fishpigs own FPC.


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