Magento 2 Flat Category URLs

Tired of long or deep category URLs? Use this module to automatically flatten or shorten your category URLs. This can add SEO weight to URLs and make them perform better in organic search results.

Category structure is maintained and your breadcrumbs remain unchanged so that search engines still understand the structure of your categories.

  • Automatically convert category URLs to top level URLs
  • 301 redirects from old URLs to new URLs are automatically created
  • Apply to all categories or add to categories one at a time

Short & Sweet Category URLs

Magento can generate long and/or deep category URLs which aren't always the strongest for SEO. This module can either remove the parent path from a category URL (shorten) so that you just get the subcategory URL key available from the root or it can flatten the URL so that it is available from the root.

  • Flat URLs

    Convert URLs like category/subcategory.html to category-subcategory.html. Maintains all keywords but moves it to the root, which adds importance to it.
  • Short URLs

    Convert URLs like category/subcategory.html to subcategory.html. This shortens the URL and moves it the root. You can change the URL key for the subcategory to contain any keywords you want.
  • Automatic

    Simply run the URL indexing process and the module will automatically flatten your category URLs. You can then edit your category URL keys are normal.
  • Clean

    This module includes a cleaning system that will remove the category and product combined URLs from your indexing. This can massively decrease indexing time.

301 redirects will be automatically setup and managed so that your existing URLs transfer all ranking points to the new URLs and your customer's don't lose their way.


There are 2 customer reviews for Flat Category URLs.

  • Great module, did exactly what we wanted, also great support I had a question and received a response immediately. I would highly recommend.Jeff G

  • This module is superb and very clever. I was able to slowly switch my category urls to flat urls and once I was happy I enabled it site-wide. This has helped my category page seo and organic rankings for these pages so I am starting to see traffic directly to my category pages.Daneeka

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