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You can install Coupon URL in the same way that you can install any Magento extension. For detailed instructions, please the see the Magento extension installation guide.

Once installed, go to your Magento Admin and select System > Configuration > Coupon URL to configure the extension. The key field is the 'Front Name', which defines the URL your customer will use to activate their coupon. By default this is 'coupon', meaning your URL's would be:{{coupon-code}}

You can change the Front Name (by default this is 'coupon') option to anything you want and can even change this to something different for each of your stores, to accommodate the different languages used on your site.

If you want to redirect to a specific page after the coupon has been set, you can do so by adding the coupon as a query string parameter. As an example, let's say you wanted to redirect to, you could use the following URL:{{coupon-code}}

Coupon URL