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Coupon URL

Allow your customers to activate coupon's with pretty URL's. These URL's can be sent out in emails or used in marketting and stop customers entering coupon code's incorrectly.

Example URL:

You can even use this extension to apply a coupon while adding a product to the cart directly from a link (eg. /checkout/cart/add/?product=52&qty=1&coupon=MYCOUPONCODE).

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Magento's coupon system is clumsy and can often lead to customer errors, which negatively affect conversion rates. Coupon URL makes coupons simpler by allowing you to send a clickable link to your customer that automatically activates a coupon. This works even if the customer has no items in their basket as the coupon code would be remembered and activated as soon as they add a product to their cart.

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    I get less emails from customers reporting coupon problems since installing this software. Im sending a lot of coupon codes with marketing emails and this makes it a hell of a lot easier
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    Coupon URL provides some missing functionality to Magento coupons and allows them to be used with a lot more success in marketing emails. My company now uses this extension on several Magento sites to allow customers to activate coupons by clicking a URL. If the customer has nothing in their cart when they click the link, the coupon is saved until an item is added. This is great as most new users do not have products in their cart when they first visit the site but this feature stops this from being a problem.

You can install Coupon URL in the same way that you can install any Magento extension. For detailed instructions, please the see the Magento extension installation guide.

Once installed, go to your Magento Admin and select System > Configuration > Coupon URL to configure the extension. The key field is the 'Front Name', which defines the URL your customer will use to activate their coupon. By default this is 'coupon', meaning your URL's would be:{{coupon-code}}

You can change the Front Name (by default this is 'coupon') option to anything you want and can even change this to something different for each of your stores, to accommodate the different languages used on your site.

If you want to redirect to a specific page after the coupon has been set, you can do so by adding the coupon as a query string parameter. As an example, let's say you wanted to redirect to, you could use the following URL:{{coupon-code}}

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