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"All of my spam has gone with NoBots. No other extensions worked but NoBots did it and it doesn't even use a Captcha!"

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NoBots protects your Magento site from spammers and unwanted bots using an inventive spam detection and verification system. By blocking these bots, your server will have fewer requests to deal with, allowing it to deal with valid customers more efficiently.

NoBots now includes comprehensive form protection that blocks even more spam! NoBots will block spam reviews, contact form messages and even spam submitted via custom forms.


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Magento Spam Protection

You may not even know it, but right now automated bots are crawling your site. Some of these bots are benevolent computer program's, crawling your site for forces of good (Google, Bing etc). The majority though aren't so kind; they're on the look out for HTML forms that can be used to submit spam content to your site. These malevolent bots won't show up in your Google Analytics account and can go unnoticed for a long time.

Eventually though, the sheer number of requests from these bots will start to impact your site's response time and therefore your conversion rates and search engine ranking.

NoBots solves this problem by adding a hidden nofollow link to your HTML source code that points to a hidden URL. As this is a nofollow link, good crawlers - such as Google - will honour the rules and not follow this link. The bad crawlers - who don't play by the rules - will not honour this and will access the URL in the hope of finding gold. When this happens, No Bots displays a human verification form (Captcha), stopping the bot completely in it's tracks.

After using No Bots for several days, you will be surprised at the number of bots that have been crawling your site and are now blocked. You should start to notice small improvements to your site's performance and the CPU/memory usage of your server should be considerably lower.


There are 13 customer reviews for Spam Blocker.

  • My site used to get loads of spam through review and contact forms. With this extension I've stopped it effectively! Easy to install, easy to configure. Point of improvement: a user guide would be handy.Sheng

  • We are using the extention NoBots on and it worked out of the box. After ten minutes the first bot tried and failed. No more fake newsletter registrations. Sofar I am impressed.Frank Muller

  • The extension is working very well & we are not getting any spam search queries on our Magento dashboard(Catalog->Search Terms).Ranjeet

  • NoBots got rid of the gibberish reviews that I was getting every day. Thanks!Grey

  • WOW!! This has been running for 9 days and has trapped 846 bots. I don't have any more CPU spikes and my store seems noticeably faster. I also use Bolt FPC and Opti Minify.Saladin

  • Brilliant extension that does the job exactly as on the tin!!Tony O'Rourke

  • NoBots really does stop spam across the whole of your Magento site, which is unbelievable considering I have several custom extensions with forms that NoBots also protects. NoBots has blocked 3,000 spam bots from my site in a little over 2 weeks and I haven't gotten a single spam message since installing it.

    I have also noticed that my bandwidth consumption has dropped dramaticaly, which is import because I use a cloud hosting platform that charges me based on how much bandwidth I used. NoBots paid for itself after 1 week of using it.

    Every single person who has a Magento site needs this extension.Rosa

  • Perfect. Easy installation, and it began to work immediately. My review spam has been completely eliminated (went from 100s of spam reviews daily to zero) and it's very gratifying to see the list of spam bots that have been shut down. 150+ bot IPs have been blocked in just five days. A fantastic extension, worth every penny.Brian L

  • I had no idea I had 100s of spambots visiting the site, but did know I was getting upwards of a 100 spam comments a day. I installed the extension, and have not received a spam comment since. I also then went to the log of blocked bot IP addresses, exported them to csv, and added them to my blocked IP addresses in .htaccess. Not sure if that's necessary, but figured it would stop that traffic altogether.

    My only complaint is that I wish the instructions were more detailed as to how it all works. I had to figure it out on my own by blocking my self and seeing what happened. And then deleting my IP address from the log. There's no way initially of knowing whether it was installed correctly and working other than waiting to see the blocked bot log fill up. The extension's description here says, "NoBots solves this problem by adding a hidden nofollow link to your HTML source code that points to a hidden URL", but that is not actually the case. I emailed the extension developer, and Ben let me know that a hidden form is added to the end of the source page. I checked that out, filled it out, and got redirected to a recaptcha page.Joe Fletcher

  • Just works - just install and forget it

    Great little tool - now have 1000s of entries in the log. Great support to boot :)Tony J

  • It's great idea and ideal for stopping forum spammers. But it'd be good adding IP address or range manually.Koray Küpe

  • Fantastic extension and brilliant support. Already showing results just hours after installation. Highly recommended.Kim L

  • I didn't believe Ben when he told me how many bots were crawling my site but I do now. In the first 4 days No Bots has blocked 13 spam bots. I've researched the majority of the IP's blocked and all are valid spam IP's. This is a great extension as it stops spam and also lowers my server costs (I'm on a cloud server where I for bandwidth so removing spam has saved me a lot already!).Jason Racks

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