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Attribute Splash Pro

Splash Pro takes the power and ease of Attribute Splash Pages to the next level by letting you use multiple attribute options to create pages. You can also use price filters!

Each landing page lets you change the URL Key, meta data, page title and any thing else vital to optimising your site's SEO.

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Magento Product Listing Pages

Splash Pro allows you to create product listing pages very quickly by applying attribute, price and category filters to your products. The products that match the filters will be displayed on the Splash Page and the whole thing will look just like a category page. As you update and add new products, the products displayed on Splash Pages will also update automatically.

Splash Pro is great for SEO and marketing because you can very quickly create new product collections and display them on a page that you have complete control over. You can modify the page title, meta information, on page text, URL and much more right from the Magento Admin!

Attribute Splash Pages

Splash Pro is not a replacement for Attribute Splash Pages and both extensions can be used at the same time. While Attribute Splash Pages offers 'shop by attribute' functionality, Attribute Splash Pro allows you to create great product listing pages for marketing and SEO.

Attribute Splash Pro Reviews

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  • 5
    The extension does excelent
    work! we are very satisfied. Installing was no problem. As we had some experience with free version it was easy to manage this extension.
  • 5
    The attribute splash pages module by Fish Pig is a must have for every Magento install. If you would like to add more power to it, buy the Pro version. You'll love it!
  • 5
    This is essential for creating custom Landing Pages for our various marketing campaigns. Really easy to use and great support. This is a premium Magento Extension.
  • 5
    This extension does exactly what it says and does it easily. I am converting to Magento from another platform and can't believe how easy this extension makes it to build pages on the fly based on a whole list of attributes. Perfect!
  • 5
    I use Splash pro to very quickly create landing pages for visitors that contain specific sets of products. It takes less than 1 minute for me to create a page that would at least 1 hour if i used a category and i still have the same level of control and flexibility. I use this on 3 sites and will use it on my next one soon
  • 5
    I tried the standard version and liked the features it had but I also wanted to create and control other SEO urls for my Magento product filters so paid for the additional Pro Version.

    The Pro Version did everything I needed except also be category sensitive but a quick email to support and Ben added this functionality in the next release - amazing!
  • 4
    I beta tested this extension for FishPig as they handle my site. So far I have found this extension to be impressive and well thought out.

    I use it alongside the free Attribute Splash Pages extension.

Loop Through Splash Pro Pages

<?php $pages = Mage::getResourceModel('splash/page_collection') ?>
<?php $pages->addStoreFilter(Mage::app()->getStore()) ?>
<?php $pages->addStatusFilter(1) ?>
<?php $pages->load() ?>
<?php if (count($pages) > 0): ?>
    <?php foreach($pages as $page): ?>
      <li class="item"><h2>
          <a href="<?php echo $page->getUrl() ?>"><?php echo $this->escapeHtml($page->getName()) ?></a>
        </h2><p><?php echo $page->getDescription() ?></p>
        <?php // Load the Splash Pro Page's products ?>
        <?php $products = $page->getProductCollection() ?>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

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