Magento 2 Attribute Splash Quick Create

This extension allows you to quickly create Splash Pages for any of your product attributes. If you have attributes that have 100's of options, this extension can save you hours of manual work.

Quick Create is compatible with Attribute Splash Pages and not Attribute Splash Pro.



There are 3 customer reviews for Attribute Splash Quick Create.

  • Very Fine module.
    Highly recommended. No problems with the install at all


  • Trying to write something about this addon, without using thousands of superlatives is hard! This is more or less a life-saver. I used it to add "Shop by brand" splash pages to my site, which you of course can do the manual way if you have a day or two of mind numbing work to spare. Or you can just get this extension and use your time for something better.

    Highly recommended. No problems with the install at all (make sure you log out and in!).Magnus

  • I had to add 100's of splash pages when I launched my site so this extension saved me days and days of work. I now create about 20-30 splash pages a week so use this extension to create those automatically for me.

    Im now adding a second store and can use this extension to make new splash pages just for that store.

    thank you sooo much fishpig!Rahim

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