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Harness the power of Visual Composer on your Magento 2 website with this extension. If you're already using the free WordPress Integration extension, this add-on allows you to create stunning visual pages in WordPress and place them around your Magento site.

Also use Root and you can use Visual Composer to create your CMS Pages and Magento homepage from WordPress.

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This add-on extension requires the WordPress Visual Composer plugin to be installed.
Compatible with Magento 2.
£69.99 Available for Download

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    I typically do web designs using Wordpress, but sometimes WP doesn't cut it for e-commerce functionality. This offers the best of both worlds, allowing us to leverage the ecommerce power of Magento while using the Design and SEO power of Wordpress. Ben has answered all my questions and provided excellent support along the way. We also used the Root extension to further increase the ease of implementation. If you're used to wordpress, but need Magento's power, give this a shot. We're extremely happy with the results.

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