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Magento 2 - WordPress IntegrationAdvanced Custom Fields

Create and use complex custom fields types using ACF and ACF Pro and make use of them in Magento 2.

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Requires either ACF or ACF Pro be installed in WordPress.
Compatible with Magento 2.
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You can access custom fields using the getMetaValue() method of the Post model.

<?php $value = $post->getMetaValue('my_acf_field') ?>

The above code stores the custom field in $value so you would need to echo it out or do something with it to actually see the value.

You can use the same method on term objects.

<?php $value = $post->getMetaValue('my_acf_field') ?>
<?php echo $value ?>

Options Fields

Option FIelds in ACF are great because they allow you to create custom fields that aren't attached a post object and can be used around your site where ever you want.

Once you have created an options field, they are easy to access.

	# This example uses the Object Manager for simplicity
	# You can inject the ACF Data helper into a constructor instead if you wish
	$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();

	# Get the ACF Helper
	$acfHelper = $objectManager->create('FishPig\WordPress_ACF\Helper\Data);
	# Echo out the ACF Options Field
	echo $acfHelper->getOptionsField('options_field_name');

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