WordPress Integration Setup Service

WordPress Integration Setup Service
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We have installed WordPress Integration 100's of times and have gotten pretty good at it. Not only can we make the extension run faster, but we can offer advice on how to get the exact setup you want.

Our team can usually setup your integrated blog within an hour of purchase so save yourself the hassle and let FishPig do it for you.

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Includes the installation of WordPress plugins to help with your blog's SEO.

WordPress Integration Setup Service

This service includes the following:

  • The installation and configuration of the latest version of WordPress
  • The installation of the Magento WordPress Integration extension
  • The integration of WordPress into your Magento theme
  • Multiple optimisations to ensure that the integration is done in the most efficient way
  • The installation and configuration of multiple WordPress plugins that have been hand picked to help enhance your blogs SEO, social media integration and usability. 100% no down time guarantee

This service basically includes everything you need to get a blog integrated into your Magento theme so that you can start blogging right away and improving your site's SEO.

If you decide to purchase this service, please reply to your order confirmation email with your FTP details (or cPanel details) a link to your Magento homepage.