Multisite Integration

Multisite Integration

Multisite Integration
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Create and manage multiple blogs from a single WordPress Admin and integrate each one into a different Magento store.

  • Create a different blog for each language, which is perfect for multi-language sites.
  • Great for SEO as each blog can have it's own URL (no more duplicate content).
  • Integrate with any store on your Magento site, even if it has a different domain.
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Need help installing? Check out the WordPress Multisite Installation Service.
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.

If you have a multi-store Magento website, it is vital that each store has it's own blog. This will stop you getting penalised for duplicate content, which can really hurt your SEO. By activating the network features of your WordPress installation, you can create as many blogs as you need from within the single installation. This makes managing each blog much easier as you can apply updates, plugins and other actions to blogs all at the same time. It will also make your database smaller and require less files on your server.

Multiple Languages

If you have multiple languages on your Magento site, this extension will allow you have to a blog each of your languages. This is great for SEO and very easy to setup and manage.

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