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Speed up Magento automatically with Opti's minification and compression algorithms and make your site faster.

  • Automatically minify your HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Give your customers less data to download and make your site faster
  • Minify the Magento Admin content to make your Admin a little faster
  • Requires no extra software or server modules to work
  • Opti now also minifies hardcoded JS and CSS files as well as inline CSS and JS.
  • Automatic refreshing of cached CSS and JS files after you make a change
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Minify JS, CSS and HTML in Magento Automatically!
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.

Minify Js, CSS and HTML in Magento

Making a website faster has always been high on any web developer or site administrator's list of things to do. A faster site means a better customer experience, which brings better profits and these days, a better Google ranking. To help our clients achieve this, we decided to build Opti.

Opti, short for Optimisation (or Optimization if you're from the States) is a light weight Magento extension designed to improve the load time of your website by providing simple but affective optimisation techniques. The extension currently offers CSS minification, HTML minification and JavaScript minification. These techniques are proven to decrease page load times, which will help with your search engine position and server resources.

Speed up the Magento Admin

From version, Opti includes an option to enable minification and compression of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the Magento Admin. This means that your Magento Admin can become faster with Opti.

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