MagentoMinify JS, HTML & CSS

Minify JS, HTML & CSS

Speed up Magento automatically with Opti's minification and compression algorithms and make your site faster.

  • Automatically minify your HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Give your customers less data to download and make your site faster
  • Minify the Magento Admin content to make your Admin a little faster
  • Requires no extra software or server modules to work
  • Opti now also minifies hardcoded JS and CSS files as well as inline CSS and JS.
  • Automatic refreshing of cached CSS and JS files after you make a change
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Minify JS, CSS and HTML in Magento Automatically!
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.

Minify Js, CSS and HTML in Magento

Making a website faster has always been high on any web developer or site administrator's list of things to do. A faster site means a better customer experience, which brings better profits and these days, a better Google ranking. To help our clients achieve this, we decided to build Opti.

Opti, short for Optimisation (or Optimization if you're from the States) is a light weight Magento extension designed to improve the load time of your website by providing simple but affective optimisation techniques. The extension currently offers CSS minification, HTML minification and JavaScript minification. These techniques are proven to decrease page load times, which will help with your search engine position and server resources.

Speed up the Magento Admin

From version, Opti includes an option to enable minification and compression of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the Magento Admin. This means that your Magento Admin can become faster with Opti.

Minify JS, HTML & CSS Reviews

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If you have used Minify JS, HTML & CSS and want to share your opinion, you can leave a review below.

  • Jason
    Opti just works. Install it, refresh your cache and your files will be at their smallest possible size. You can then sit back and enjoy having a faster site.
  • Dave
    Works great out of the box.
  • Ricky Banks - Apex Supplies
    I had a few problems with installation as there was another extension using the same files but Ben helped me and we had everything up and running within an hour. Great service and a very non-intrusive extension.
  • Tom
    So easy to install - 2 seconds to setup. Pageload time is faster on the frontend AND backend which is so nice.
  • Tim
    An invisible and invaluable plugin. The source code is compressed and running smoothly. I use Amazon's CloudFront CDN along with Bolt, Opti and SmushIt all work well together.
  • andy
    I installed Opti onto my Magento store and was very happy with the results. Ben is also a top bloke - I have fired various questions over to him and he's been very responsive to answers. The "grouping" functionality is very good and I'm steadily going through all of my JS files to try and combine as many as I can.
  • Alisher
    I have purchased Opti with Bolt in a bundle. And the only thing I can say - It was the best Investment for my Magento site. The Extension does its job by compressing JavaScript and CSS. Already have plans to invest into more extensions. Thank You Ben !!!
  • Dirk
    So I installed the extension via FTP. The extension works, my Javascript file was compressed from more than 1000kb to 170kb, nice.
  • Sean Li
    Ben has been the most amazing developer we've ever worked with. He is extremely responsive from beginning to end (even while on vacation!). This extension on top of Bolt has shown some incredible results. The default Magento Minify and Combine JSS/CS are just broken beyond belief (we're on but Opti has done what no other extensions we've tested with can. Ben even went out of his way to work with our CDN to implement MaxCDN solutions to work with Opti. He really goes above and beyond with customer service.

    Honestly, just buy it, see what it does to your site and you'll be a believer. You can our site at to see the results for yourself.
  • Andrew
    With Magento being extremely dependent on a slew of JavaScript files, Opti is a godsend! We'd tried Minifying and merging JS file before, but always seemed to run into issues with functionality breaking. Opti worked immediately, combining and minifying files perfectly. Highly recommended!
  • Alex
    Using Opti to minify and combine .js and .css files, which reduces pages load time. Opti worked right out of the box without conflicts and special configuration with many other Magento extensions installed in the store. Had some questions about its functions and author quickly answered to them. Also I recommend this extension because it includes free updates for life!
  • Nick
    Bought Opti while purchasing Bolt. Not quite sure if we needed it but have worked with Ben and Fishpig several times before and have always been pleased with their solutions and service. Wanted to be able to address our site speed with one vendor. Site noticeably faster with Bolt/Opti extensions.
  • Shawn J
    I am using OPTI as well as BOLT, and both these plugins have increased the speed of our website tremendously. The performance of this plugin is incredible, and FIshpig has the best support!
  • Dan F
    I'm using Opti in combination with FishPig's other extensions Bolt and The combination of these three extensions has dramatically increased my site speed and usability. FIshPig has been great to work with also and very responsive to any questions.
  • abe
    I love minify code and never get an extension to do this well. Opti is easy to use and install and makes a difference for me. My site is faster and it only took 5 mins to make it so
  • Mark
    After requesting dynamic block caching, Ben kindly added this in for me. I prefer this to full page caching as it means I can only cache the blocks that affect performance and still include dynamic blocks on every page.

    The extension was easy to install and my site was noticeably faster instantly,
  • Mo
    Simple extension but great results. Thanks piggy!
  • WoodFloors!
    We supply hard wood flooring at (-link-removed-) and stock 1000's of different floor styles. This extension allowed us to keep growing our site without increasing our server resources and was easy to install.
  • Jon S Lewis
    This fabulous extension has improved my site's response time and decreased page load time by a factor of 3!

    This will have a great affect on my conversaion rate and organic search engine positioning
  • rasmus
    opti is nice and easy to install and my site is faster
  • Steven
    Another useful extension from Fishpig that does exactly what it says on the tin! My site is on shared hosting and was thinking of moving to a VPS but now I dont have to

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