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Tired of having to call your developer to change a small image? This extension allows you to make every image on your Magento store manageable via the Magento Admin. You can also create manageable JavaScript banner slideshows and place them around your site.

This extension is great for Magento developers who want to let their clients change frontend images without having to give them FTP details.

Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.

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  • Nice extension - espcially since it's free.
    Great extensions, enables us to add slides and banners on the side and give the customer the ability to edit them without tounching the code.
  • Louis Walch
    Great free extension, but the JS causes errors if you try to turn on the "Combine JS into one file" option in Magento.
  • Anastasia
    Great!! Thank you..
  • Glitch
    This is a great extension but I have some suggestions for improvement.

    - In case of a multistore Magento installation let the user select multiple stores for a single group instead of one store per group.
    - Let users select categories on which a banner group should appear
    - Let users select CMS pages on which a banner group should appear.
  • Tz
    Works fine on 1.7
    Easy to install and to use
  • krishana singh
    Nice extension
  • Jason
    I just installed on 1.7 Community using magneto Connect and it works fine.
  • Simon Denvers
    Installed straight onto through Magento Connect with no problems and works fine for me.
  • Rich1000
    After searching and trying about 10 other home page slider banner extensions that did not work very well, I found Fishpigs. Works GREAT!

    Although I had to manually install everything (likely had permissions issues in my magento). I pulled the tar.gz file and dropped in properly.

    Very nice admin and easy to understand. Nice effects. Thanks!
  • ozthunderstorm
    Just installed on and works fine. Basic easy to use banner slider thet does what it says. Good job Dev.
  • coch
    Works greatly well out of the box in magento Very useful extension!
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