Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache
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Add full pache caching functionality to Magento Community and be amazed at how fast your site loads with Bolt.

  • Cache core Magento modules and any 3rd party Magento extension.
  • Hole punching fully configurable from the Magento Admin. No coding required!
  • Compatible with any web server and works on shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.
  • Achieve a time to first byte (TTFB) of less than 500ms!
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The best Magento full page cache extension available!
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.

Magento Full Page Cache (FPC)

The best way to speed up your Magento eCommerce site is by using a full page caching system. There are several of these available but what makes Bolt so good is that in the majority of cases, the Magento framework isn't loaded and no DB connection is made! This massively improves page load time and allows your server to handle many more requests!

Bolt can be used on any server; be it a dedicated server, a VPS or even a shared server. It's used by (in combination with Opti, see below) and allows us to keep our hosting costs way down while still having a fast and responsive site.

Bolt vs Varnish Cache

Bolt works in a very similar way to Varnish in that it sits right in front of Magento and intercepts requests, only letting through requests that haven't been cached. This is why both Bolt and Varnish can generate such quick speeds. Neither cache will connect to the Magento database or load any Magento files if it can load the request from cache. This allows really low page times and time to first byte (TTFB) times of less than 500ms!

The important question however, is which cache is faster on Magento: Bolt or Varnish? Both are good and really fast but the benefit Bolt has over Varnish is that Bolt was written purely for Magento. This allows it to be really optimised for the system it is caching and be really clever about what is cached and what isn't cached. Bolt also has a very easy to use GUI in the Magento Admin that allows you to configure which modules are cached and which blocks are hole punched. There is no coding skills required to configure Bolt at all!

Bolt and Other Magento Full Page Cache Extensions

The majority of Magento FPC extensions work inside the Magento application. This means that even if a request can be loaded from the cache, a connection to the Magento database first has to be created and 100's of Magento files have to be loaded. This means you will never achieve truly impressive speeds with these other extensions. As Bolt sits in front of Magento, it can skip the database connection and loading the Magento library completely when it can load a request from the cache. This will always make Bolt faster than other FPC extensions.

Cache Cleaning

If you clean your whole cache, it can take a while for it to warm up again. To combat this problem, Bolt automatically cleans specific pages of your cache at particular times. As an example, each time you save a product or a CMS page in the Magento Admin, the related cache files will be cleaned. Should you need to flush the Bolt cache, you can do so via System > Cache Management in the Magento Admin.

You can also clean the cache of specific URLs simply by adding ?___refresh=bolt to the URL in your browser. This will trigger a cache refresh for that page.

Hole Punching in Bolt

Bolt now includes it's own hole punching service that can be configured from the Magento Admin. To do this, select System > Configuration > Bolt > Hole Punch. From here you can enter the names of Magento blocks that you want to be hole punched - it's that easy! Once you have made a change here, you should refresh your cache to ensure the changes are put live.

The most common hole punch configuration is for the top links block (account links, checkout/cart links etc) and the mini cart block. To add these to the hole punch, use the block names 'top.links' and 'cart_sidebar'. For the top links block, you should set this to be punched when both items are in the basket or a customer is logged in. For the mini cart, you should set to be hole punched when there are items in the basket.

Go Even Faster by Adding Opti

To make your site even faster, add Opti - a Javascript, CSS and HTML minification extension for Magento - to your site as well. Bolt has been written side by side with Opti and these two extensions provide a powerful speed injection to any Magento site that they are installed on together.

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