Magento Attribute Splash Pages

MagentoAttribute Splash Pages

Attribute Splash Pages

Quickly create landing pages for your product attributes. Set a custom SEO URL and display all products assigned to that attribute in a matter of minutes.

Integrates with the Magento layered navigation and Google XML sitemap. Named one of the best free Magento SEO extensions around!

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Create Splash pages based on multiple attributes and price filters using Attribute Splash Pro
Compatible with Magento Community - & Magento Enterprise.

Magento - Shop by Brand

There are several Magento extensions that offer shop by brand functionality, which is a great feature for any eCommerce site. What most people don't realise is that Attribute Splash Pages is a Shop-By-Brand extension with a key difference. While most extensions allow you to choose your brand attribute and then shop by that, Attribute Splash Pages allows you to shop by any attribute you have and doesn't limit you to just 1! Using Attribute Splash Pages you can have shop by brand, shop by colour or shop by any attribute you create in your Magento eCommerce store.

Attribute Splash Pages Reviews

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  • 5
    Incredible extension! Very useful! Before, we manually create filters for custom pages for brands. Now, just install this extension, then you can create brand pages instantly! With filters and all that stuff, just like a native category page!!!
  • 5
    This module is so good and useful for SEO. Another option (i think it's good) is to add a selected option for add page to a group
  • 5
    This module is so good and useful for SEO that it should have been packaged with core Magento.
  • 5
    Absolutely Brilliant Module, Attribute Splash Allows total control and the creations of some fantastic SEO optimised landing pages, even in this form without the add on's this is a really great module and a must install for anyone who is serious about their SEO

    And of course, as usual you get Ben's tireless technical support, thanks fishpig another job well done
  • 5
    A great extension and very well support! Ben is a great developer who helps us very well! Thank you very much!!!!
  • 5
    A "must have" extension.

    Product is excellent, do exactly what promising. Just in case something is missing, support will react really fast by replying to emails and add common use functionalities in next version.
  • 5
    Great extension. It worked out of the box. I had some configuration questions and got within a few hours the answers. I needed a tag cloud of my brands and with the help of the developer (Ben) I was able to do this in a day.
  • 5
    If you want to create pages for any manufacturer or any other attribute, took it directly !

    A big thanks to the support, Ben, a really good developer always there to help.

    5 stars because I can not put more!
  • 5
    The extension is very awesome and works fine. I first had one issue and got an exception, but then I found the github account which already fixed the issue and after I updated the code, everything was working.
    Thank you!
  • 5
    Great module for adding SEO pages to your Magento website
  • 5
    Amazing extension. Works perefectly on my install. Does the same if not more than similar paid extensions. Can't recommend highly enough. Cheers mate.
  • 5
    Excellent extension - works flawlessly out of the box and is so intuitive. The developer was very helpful and lightning quick in coming back to me about a custom install - highly recommended. Thankyou Fishpig!
  • 5
    Great extension. But what is greater is the support from the developer!
  • 5
    Everything works FLAWLESSLY! Thank you for all your hard work!
  • 5
    This module is really great, thanks for your work. Magento should have this fuctionality in the core. :)
  • 5
    it works perfectly on 1.5.01. Install it. relogin to admin, go to catalog & splash pages and add a splash page. beautiful ajax effect!
  • 4
    This works great. Not sure exactly where I will use it yet, but it seems like something I need!
  • 5
    An excellent solution that helps a lot with SEO purposes. I've made few pages that cannot ba made with core magento functionality and do SEO links for them.

    Feedback is very fast and helps very much with my questions.

    Thanks guys!
  • 5
    This is the best free extension that I've come across in a long time. Now I don't need to buy a manufacturer/brands module, this can handle that and much more.
  • 5
    Thxx Fishpig, great extention. Just what I needed to make good landingspages.
  • 5
    Great, Great add-on. Thank you so much for this.

You can install Attribute Splash Pages in the same way that you can install any Magento extension. For detailed instructions, please the see the Magento extension installation guide.

Alternatively you can install Attribute Splash Pages automatically using Magento Connect. To do this, click here to get the extension key. You can then use this to automatically install the extension via your Magento Downloader.

Load a Splash Page

Loading a Splash Page model is quite easy and there are many different ways to accomplish it. The following code illustrates 2 methods to load a Splash Page and then shows how to retrieve a collection of products that belong to the Splash Page.


	 //Load a Splash Page by it's ID
	 $splashPage = Mage::getModel('attributeSplash/page')->load($splashPageId);

	 // Load a Splash Page by an option ID
	 $splashPage = Mage::getModel('attributeSplash/page')->load($optionId, 'option_id');
	 // Retrieve a collection of products
	 $productCollection = $splashPage->getProductCollection()

You can also load a Splash Page for a particular product and attribute code. This is useful to add a link to the Splash Page on the product page.

	// Load a Splash Page for the product's value in the brand attribute
	$splashPage = Mage::helper('attributeSplash')->getProductSplashPage($_product, 'brand');
<?php if ($splashPage !== false): ?>
	<a href="<?php echo $splashPage->getUrl() ?>">
		<span><?php echo $_product->getAttributeText('brand') ?></span>
<?php endif; ?>

It's sometimes useful to get a list of all Splash Page's for a certain attribute. As an example, you may want to list all brands to create a brand navigation.

<?php $splashGroup = Mage::getModel('attributeSplash/group')->load($splashGroupId) ?>
<?php if ($splashGroup->getId()): ?>
	<?php $splashHelper = Mage::helper('attributeSplash/image') ?>
	<?php $splashPages = $splashGroup->getSplashPages()->addOrderByName()->load() ?>
	<?php if (count($splashPages) > 0): ?>
			<?php foreach($splashPages as $splashPage): ?>
				<?php $splashHelper->init($splashPage, 'thumbnail') ?>
				<li class="item">
					<a href="<?php echo $splashPage->getUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $this->escapeHtml($splashPage->getName()) ?>">
						<img src="<?php echo $splashHelper->resize(100, 100) ?>" alt="<?php echo $this->escapeHtml($splashPage->getName()) ?>" />
			<?php endforeach; ?>
	<?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Manual Menu Integration

If you are using the default Magento navigation system, Splash groups and pages will automatically integrate and display in your menu. If you aren't or this isn't working right, you can use the following code to manually generate a menu of Splash groups and pages. The HTML syntax used is based on the default Magento navigation syntax so you may need to change it to get it looking right with your theme.

<?php if (count($groups) > 0): ?>
	<?php foreach($groups as $group): ?>
		<?php $pages = $group->getSplashPages()
			->addFieldToFilter('include_in_menu', 1)
			->load() ?>
		<?php $pageCount = count($pages) ?>
		<li class="level0 nav-splash-group-<?php echo $group->getId() ?> level-top<?php if ($pageCount > 0): ?> parent<?php endif; ?><?php if ($i++===0): ?> first<?php endif; ?><?php if ($i === $groupCount): ?> last<?php endif; ?>">
			<a class="level-top" href="<?php echo $group->getUrl() ?>">
				<span><?php echo $this->escapeHtml($group->getName()) ?></span>
			<?php if ($pageCount > 0): ?>
				<ul class="level0">
					<?php $j = 0; foreach($pages as $page): ?>
						<li class="level1 nav-splash-page-<?php echo $page->getId() ?><?php if ($j++===0): ?> first<?php endif; ?><?php if ($j === $pageCount): ?> last<?php endif; ?>">
							<a href="<?php echo $page->getUrl() ?>">
								<span><?php echo $this->escapeHtml($page->getDisplayName()) ?></span>
					<?php endforeach; ?>
			<?php endif; ?>
	<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

You can see Attribute Splash Pages live in action at any of the following URL's:

If you use this extension and want your site listed here, get in touch!

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