Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

All of our Magento extensions can be downloaded instantly after purchase and include free updates for life. Our extensions are used by thousands of Magento store's all over the planet and we offer email support 7 days a week!

  • Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Bolt Full Page Cache

    A lightning fast full page cache extension for Magento community that is easy to setup and works on any server.

  • Opti


    Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS automatically. Opti even minifies the Magento Admin!

  • Smart Tabs

    Smart Tabs

    Magento product tabs like never before. Create and edit tabs via the Admin and include them when products meet specific conditions.

  • NoBots - Magento Spam Protection


    NoBots automatically blocks spam bots, which reduces spam and the strain on your server, meaning your site will be faster.

  • SEO Layered Navigation

    SEO Layered Navigation

    Automatically convert your layered navigation URLs into SEO URLs for category and Splash Pages.

  • CrossLinks - SEO Internal Links

    SEO Internal Links

    Automatically cross link your Magento products, categories and pages for SEO. Also supports cross-linking blog posts and pages!

  • Basket Shipping

    Basket Shipping

    Automatically set the shipping method for your customer as soon as they arrive on the site and allow them to change this without leaving the cart.

  • Full Page Cache Warmer

    Full Page Cache Warmer

    Automatically requests your URLs to warm your full page cache.

  • Attribute Splash Pro

    Attribute Splash Pro

    Create SEO splash pages based on multiple attribute options and price filters! If you liked Attribute Splash Pages, then you will love Splash Pro. Boost your SEO landing pages now!

  • Bulk Price Changer

    Bulk Price Updater

    Filter your products by any attribute and category combination and dynamically update prices. You can change prices per store view or change the admin price.

  • Glossary


    Allow customers to hover their mouse over words on your site to see the definitions.

  • Product A-Z

    Product A-Z

    Create an A-Z listing of all of your products in Magento.

  • Attribute Splash Pages

    Attribute Splash Pages

    Add shop by attribute functionality to your site and create fully customisable pages based around any of your attributes.


Magento Modules

Magento eCommerce boasts a rich feature set that can be expanded using Magento Extensions. A Magento extension is a collection of code that can be installed into your Magento eCommerce store to add bespoke functionality to your website. This can improve the shopping experience of your site and help you stand out from your comeptitors.

At FishPig, we love writing Magento extensions. Our currently available Magento community extensions are used by over 50,000 Magento stores worldwide and this number continues to increase. We think the reason that Magento store owners use and trust FishPig extensions is because we write solid Magento extensions that are well tested and documented (all of our Magento code includes full comments and follows Magento/Zend coding standards).


If you need help installing any of our Magento extensions, we now offer a Magento extension installation service.

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